Tau Kappa Epsilon

Rho Omicron Chapter - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

The Rho Omicron Chapter holds an annual Dad’s Weekend in Winter Quarter and Parent’s Weekend in Spring Quarter. The weekends typically include:
A reception dinner, BBQ and sporting event, and brunch, and other fun activities to enjoy with your son. Also all parents receive a TKE Dad’s/Parent’s Weekend T-shirt!

The TKE National Tournament, TNT, is an invitational fundraising campaign that both alumni and Fraters participate in to raise money to help their chapter. The men of the Rho-Omicron chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo would love the support of anyone willing to donate to our cause. All proceeds go to aiding our Fraters in academic success. Please follow the link to donate today!

For more information about TNT and the TKE Educational Foundation visit:

To make a donation, follow the link below or the graphic below. (We are the Rho-Omicron Chapter).

Q & A

Q: Why join TKE?
A: Through our membership development and education programs, each member of TKE is provided with the resources and tools that will help him achieve his personal best in all areas of college life and prepares him for success after graduation.
Our men embody the principles promoted by the Fraternity and are poised for success. They belong to TKE…”The Fraternity for Life.”

Q: Don’t fraternities promote excessive drinking?
A: Absolutely not. Alcohol abuse is unhealthy and inconsistent with the ideals of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Every individual member and chapter is expected to uphold federal, state, county, and city laws, as well as university policies regarding the consumption of alcohol.

Q: I’m concerned about my son’s grades – what impact will fraternity membership have?
A: Students often find managing their time difficult when moving from the highly structured high school environment to the freedoms of college. Tau Kappa Epsilon will assist in that transition by offering scholarship programs, which may include study partners, mandatory study hours, and time management workshops. Moreover, your son will be able to access the network of brothers who already know how to use campus resources like the library, study skills centers, computer labs, and academic advisors.
While Tau Kappa Epsilon is concerned about the academic achievement of its members, your son is still ultimately responsible for utilizing the resources made available.

Q: What about pledging or hazing?
A: Tau Kappa Epsilon does not condone or tolerate any form of hazing and is committed to a membership education period which instills a sense of responsibility and commitment in the new members. This period will assist your son in overcoming his concerns about success in college.

Q: Who is actually in charge of the fraternity?
A: Members elected to officer positions manage the day-to-day operations of the local chapter. These officers are assisted by members serving on committees and by alumni who act as advisors.Check out the Leadership Page to see our Executive Board.

Q: Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to be in a fraternity?
A: Each chapter is self-supported through dues charged to all members. In the first year of membership, a few one-time expenses are assessed. If housing is offered, fraternity lodging and meals are competitive with other housing options. It is also important to note that each individual chapter usually offers a variety of payment plans.

Q: Being in a fraternity sounds like it takes a lot of time.
A: Participating in any worthwhile activity always requires an investment of one’s time. Research has shown that involved college students are more likely to graduate and they report greater satisfaction with their college experience. Through his involvement with Tau Kappa Epsilon, your son will learn how to balance his academic, work, campus involvement, and social commitments.

Q: What is my son going to get out of his membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon?
A: You’ll be amazed at what your son will get from his experience in Tau Kappa Epsilon. Joining TKE will expand your son’s collegiate experience. In fact, most alumni say that TKE completed their educational experience by teaching them valuable skills that are not taught in the classroom.
Here’s what TKE offers: lifelong friends, leadership opportunities, social and athletic activities, academic support and excellence, and networking opportunities.

If you have any further questions feel free to e-mail our Parent Relations Chair, Ethan Harlig.

Your Chapter Historian and Parents Relations Chair,
Ethan Harlig